About us


Founded in 2002, Parskar (private JSC) is active in the field of gas turbine engineering and services in Iran;

Our company benefits from a team of local experts and cooperation with prestigious international companies active in natural gas & crude oil transportation—refining sections.


Parskar’s 3,800 sq. meter workshop is conveniently located just 110 km from the capital—Tehran—in Hashtgerd industrial city. This fully functional plant is our main workshop for small and medium sized turbines, also having a logistics role in supporting all turbines across the country in terms of the following

—1. Overhaul of gas turbines in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards

—2. Repair, replacement & upgrading gas turbine units operated in Iran, including equipment and accessories

—3. Sales, installation and commissioning of new gas turbines

—4. Supply of gas turbine spare parts

—5. Design and construction of gas turbine control systems

—6. Upgrading gas turbine conventional analog systems to digital and intelligent systems

—7. Supply, Overhauls & Life Extension of following Gas Turbines :

  • Rolls-Royce Avon & Olympus
  • Nuovo Pignone (GE Frame 5)
  • Caterpillar Solar Centaur
  • Caterpillar Solar Saturn

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