Quality Policy

  1. Parskar Co. will ensure that its products and services continuously meet all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and its customers’ satisfaction in terms of quality, cost, performance, safety, time, project control and reliability.
  2. The company management strives to involve all employees in quality management programs, supports the strategic plans and provides appropriate facilities to achieve financial, technical and executive goals of quality objectives.
  3. Parskar Co. is committed to evaluate its resources and monitoring their performance in order to use the services of equipment suppliers, consultants and contractors.
  4. Training of employees is one of the main programs to improve their efficiency; also hiring new human resources is performed based on expertise and efficiency, through multiple interviews.
  5. Parskar Co. runs and monitors the automation program of the administrative system and the filing and security of information and documents.
  6. Parskar Co. is committed to the continuous improvement of the quality management system based on its commitment by establishing and monitoring the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.
  7. Measurable objectives are set in accordance with this policy in “Management Review”.
  8. Processes and Quality policy will be cared in “Management Review” in accordance with the organization’s performance, technology trend and market behavior.

           Mohammad Mohandessi