HSE Policy

In line with HSE Policy, Parskar finds itself responsible to promote, maintain, encourage, regulate and enforce workplace health, safety, environmental matters vide continuous improvement, implementation and promotion of the comprehensive occupational health and safety system in all aspects, viewing it on all its controlled operational units, office premises and subcontractors.

Viewing systematic achievement of following goals as a necessity;

  • Commitment to comply with all regulatory rules, standards, and other necessities relevant to safety, occupational health and environmental matter.
  • Identification of risk, scrutiny and control of workplace hazards, aiming to promote programs pertaining to safety, occupational health and environment in order to prevent damages, casualties and diseases through continuous improvement in management of safe workplace.
  • Regulating and implementing rules into action for pollution reduction and environmental after effects.
  • Promoting culture of active participation in safety, occupational health and environmental matter, vide continuous training of modern views relevant to improvement of working condition.

I hereby declare HSE policy to be the framework to all organizational views on goals and obligate myself to maintain and improve the system for effective activation of the policy, I will make sure that it is reviewed annually and it will be available to all employees, suppliers and stakeholders.

Mohammad Mohandessi