Main completed projects

•       Major overhaul of 4 units ZM DJ59 belonging to IGTC, including installation and commissioning,for the first time in Parskar facilities. all works performed in Iran by Iranian specialists under Ukrainian Supervisions

•       Upgrade of one unit Rolls-Royce Avon 1533 to 1535 for Fajr-Jam Gas refinery, completed according to Rolls Royce Procedures

•       Caterpillar Solar Centaur & Caterpillar Solar Saturn Complete Overhauls

•       Caterpillar Solar Control Systems Upgrading from old Analogue system to completely Intelligent digital systems

•       Rolls-Royce Olympus Complete Overhaul for Fajr-Jam Gas Refinery

•       Nuovo Pignone Frame 5 Complete Overhaul

•       Solar Mars Complete Overhaul

•       Supply, installation and commissioning of 2 units DU80 and 3 units DJ59 core engines for Iranian Gas Transmission Company

•       Supply of DU80 engines’ spare parts for Parsian Gas Refinery

Ongoing projects

•       Repair and restoration of one unit ZM DU80 belonging to IGTC, for the first time in Parskar facilities

•       Replacing 1970s era Rolls Royce Avon with brand new  DG90, for the first time in the world, one western built engine replaced with eastern built gas turbine with minimum change in enclosure and 80 % of equipment share , including Dresser Rand Compressor

•       Major overhaul of one unit Rolls-Royce 1535 for Fajr-Jam Gas Refinery

•       Contract for major overhaul and life-extension of IGTC’s 12 units DJ59 engines for the first time in Iran in Parskar facilities. Overhaul and life-extension under way